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Happy New Year and Happy Marketing 2014 – With An Eye On Brand Consistency

Website Magazine tip

Many of us writers will start the year strategizing for 2014, trying to find the balance between writing and marketing. Here’s an article from Website Magazine that will help you make an informed decision about your online marketing in 2014.

Bottom line – assess your return on investment (ROI) before deciding on any addition or change to your online presence. Be sure the change to your social media platform is worth your time, energy and money.

Though the Website Magazine article was written with businesses in mind, the advice applies to authors and writers nonetheless.

In addition to the solid advice given in the whole of this article, please note that the first piece of advice on this checklist, which addresses brand consistency and which I’ve chosen to highlight in an image above, is the most key in any consideration you give to your online presence, this year or any year.

Brand consistency is what will bring your followers to you and will keep them following you.

So, in case the text is hard to read in the image above, here’s what it says:

“Consistent branding has always been important, but the Internet makes brands more transparent and bidirectional. Keep this in mind when thinking about adding new Web assets. A business with a conservative brand that launches a wacky, irreverent app risks coming across as fake. Make sure your new asset will complement your existing brand instead of undermining it.”

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